broadcast solution.

It easily adapts to your
company's Digital TV environment.

  • Broadcasting 100% adhering to the standard

    AstroPlay is a Digital TV stream broadcast environment, including video, audio and data streaming, which adheres 100% to the Brazilian norm.

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  • Flexible Architecture

    AstroPlay! has a flexible architecture that easily adapts to your company's Digital TV environment.

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  • General Characteristics

    Get to know the product's general and technical characteristics.

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  • Integration with AstroTV

    AstroPlay! provides integration with AstroTV's Broadband Module, enabling broadcasters to install and manage applications in the viewer's digital receiver.

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  • AstroPlay! Portable

    Targeted at broadcasters, manufacturers and developers of receivers and Digital TVs, it is the ideal environment for tests and demonstrations.

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  • AstroPlay! Studio

    Targeted at broadcasters, this product is connected to a pre-existing environment of Digital TV production.

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