More than a middleware,
a complete entertainment
platform for TV.

  • AstroTV Middleware

    AstroTV is the Brazilian middleware compliant with the Ginga specification that allows full interactivity, extended content programming and portability.

    What is it? Ginga

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  • Ginga NCL-Lua Interactivity

    AstroTV is able to run interactive applications developed in languages such as Java, NCL or LUA. Those applications could be native (embedded by the manufacturer directly in the set-top box memory) or transmitted via digital signal by the TV networks.

    What is it? NCL, Lua

  • Ginga-J Interactivity

    AstroTV is able to run the interactivity developed in Java, a standard already adopted by some Brazilian broadcasters.

    What is it? Java DTV

  • OTT TV (Over-the-top TV)

    Deliver personalized video content via the Internet directly to the connected TV, with the advantage of the content being on demand, so the user can choose what and when he wants to watch.

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  • Hybrid Broadband & Broadcast

    Harmonized solution for delivering interactive content via both the broadcast and the Internet. Broadcasters have full control over the content made available to their viewers. Users can have the best web content on their TVs.

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  • Second Screen

    AstroTV has evolved and is now also available in tablets and smartphones. Access real-time content prepared for the Second Screen.

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  • Zapper

    AstroZapper adds the features of a zapper (basic TV functions) to AstroTV, reducing costs for manufacturers that want both Ginga interactivity and a complete zapper in a single software solution on your hardware.

    What is it? Zapper

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  • Application Store

    A pioneer solution based on Ginga, Broadcast + Broadband convergence. The main focus of the solution is the Application Management developed in Ginga.

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  • Push VoD

    Multimedia content delivered through the DTV broadcast signal that can be visualized on demand, without the need for Internet connection.

    What is it? VoD

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