Uniting the experience
of watching broadcast
and WebTV.

  • + Interactivity

    Receivers with AstroTV+ present the DTVi seal because they are able to run all interactive applications (NCL, Lua and Java) broadcasted by TV stations via digital signal.

    What is it?: NCL, Lua

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  • Harmonizing TV and Web Channels

    The access to channels with online videos is identical to the access of digital TV channels, bringing together the linear experience and the VoD. In other words, the user chooses what to watch and when.

    What is it? VoD

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  • + Channels

    A selection of the best channels with on-demand content from the Internet. The offer is varied: Humor, Sports, News, Services, Offers ... Choose, install and start watching.

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  • + Applications

    The App Store brings together services, information, social networking and games that will make your TV even more interactive.

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  • + Second Screen

    AstroTV has evolved and is now also on tablets and smartphones. Access, in real time, all the content prepared for the Second Screen.

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  • + Zapper

    Adds basic functions such as: Channel Scan, Closed Caption and Settings, as well as advanced features such as: EPG, Media Player and PVR.

    What is it? Zapper

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  • Low Cost Hardware

    AstroTV+ is optimized for optimal performance in TV sets with digital reception and low cost set-top boxes.

  • All Screens

    AstroTV+ interface adjusts to several TV resolutions, being compatible with tube TVs (4: 3 aspect ratio), Full HD and 4K (Ultra HD).

Supported Platforms and OS

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